Who Will Rule?

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1 Thessalonians 5:19

Do not quench the Spirit.


St. Paul made a very strong command to the young church at Thessalonica. Toward the end of his first letter to the Church he said, “Keep the Holy Spirit as the ruler of everything that happens in your life” (paraphrase).


The longer I live, it’s quite apparent that every individual is faced with the same challenge … “Who Will Rule?” CONTROL is always at the center of the discussion.  Since Paul was speaking to the Church, let’s talk Church. When surveyed recently by a leading research center, 90% of the people who left their Church last year said they left because they didn’t “FEEL GOD” there. What happened? Any time man takes complete control of any category of life, including Church, and “Edges God Out” (EGO), there will be trouble. Whether it’s in business, engineering, science, or education, the Creator must have a seat at the table. Not long ago, my wife and I were facing a huge issue. In the middle of our dilemma I took her hand and said, “Sweetheart let’s pray and agree for God’s intervention.” I’m telling you, the “ISSUE” was settled in a week! What happened?  In that moment we once again acknowledged that without the “Holy Spirit” in our life, we have no life. Whenever a local Church today, or the Church at Thessalonica, is in trouble, it’s usually because the Holy Spirit has been overruled in lieu of man’s rule. The Church as well as you and I always do best when we live within the “Rule of Jesus.”


Dear Jesus,

Today I confess that “YOU RULE!” Amen

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