Back to Life: New Possibilities


Forgive For Real: Forgive Others


Forgive For Real: God Forgives


VOUS Conference 2014: You Can Always Go Lower


Hall of Faith Series

Hall of Faith Pt. 1 – Abel: “A Story of BEST Practices”


Hall of Faith Pt. 2 – Abraham: “The Marks of Faith”


Hall of Faith Pt. 3 – Joseph: “How Faith Progresses”


Hall of Faith Pt. 4 – Moses: “The Call of Faith”


Beware of God


More – We Need More Vision


All In – What Shall We Do?


More Generosity – Generosity Equals Prosperity


More Generosity – Generosity Equals Joy


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3 thoughts on “Media

  1. Dear Pastor Rich,

    Last Sunday 7/25, I signed a pledge card promising $1000. I was hesitant to make that commitment for I did not know where the funds would come from. Nonetheless, I took a leap of faith. Two days ago, Thursday 7/30, I received a call offering me a position for which I had interviewed back in May and was not selected. This new position will give me a raise of ~ $6k, plus Credential supplement for my Master’s degree of ~ $3k for a total of ~$10K. In addition, this position may qualify me to have $17K forgiven from my student loan. This gives new meaning to the term “You cannot outgive GOD”.
    The irony is when I interviewed for the position I was selling them on hiring me. When they called me they were practically selling the position to me so I would say yes. Who says GOD doesn’t have a sense of humor?

    Endless Blessings,

    Nickie N.

    • bcampi@pacbell
      Your series on Isis really resonated with me. While experiencing the last of the series a phrase popped into my mind from a deep memory. It seemed to be biblical but at first I could not remember the source.
      It turned out to be from Rev 2:12,13 KJV. “where Satan dwelleth”
      Just for fun I did a geographical search on ancient Pergamos. It took me to modern Bergamon on the west coast of Turkey, just north of the city of Ismir in Ismir province (near the northern Ageon Sea. Could this aspect have a literal meaning? (if so, what an interesting coincidence)

      Bill Campillo, Trinity San Diego

  2. I am SO ecstatic and grateful that I found this website. I didn’t know that Pastor Rich had his own site. I have been looking for certain sermons that Pastor Rich has done in the past and I have finally found them. I know a ton of people that I will share these videos with and that i KNOW will benefit/ change their lives.

    Thanks Pastor Rich and the Trinity Staff for making these videos available.

    May God continue to Bless you, your family, and our entire Church.