That’s What Gets Jesus’ Attention?

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Romans 4:13

It was not through the law that Abraham and his offspring received the promise that he would be heir of the world, but through the righteousness that comes by faith.


This powerful revelation is given by the Apostle Paul concerning the Father of the Jewish people. Paul makes it clear that it was not Abraham’s faith in the Law that produced his righteous acts. Rather it was his faith in “The Almighty” that caused him to live a righteous life.


Abraham was one of the originators of great “Faith in God.” Hebrews 11 is usually referred to as the “Hall of Faith.” It recounts the men and women of biblical history who lived remarkable lives of “Faith in Jesus.” In this chapter, which numbers forty verses, eleven verses speak of Abraham’s FAITH. One verse is designated for Isaac and one verse for Jacob. ONE verse speaks of SIX men! In other words, Abraham is at the top of the “Hall of Faith” in God’s Word. How did that happen? He was a man Jesus could trust. Jesus didn’t trust Abraham because of his great moral character, or his great leadership qualities, or all of the great and righteous things he did, although all of those attributes were his. NO!! Jesus trusted Abraham and gave him the world as his inheritance because of his “Great Faith!” If I’m reading this passage correctly, it is saying that no amount of good deeds or perceived righteous acts on our part can really attract Jesus’ attention. Jesus is looking for men and women of Real Faith. “That’s What Gets Jesus’ Attention.”


Dear Jesus,

As I meditate on this passage this AM, it’s not like You’re telling me You don’t want me to live right. It’s just that You desire my Faith In You, more than my faith in my ability to please You. So with all my heart I say … “Today my Faith is in You!” Amen

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