Why Not Just Be Wronged?

S. O. A. P.

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1 Corinthians 6:7b

Why not rather be wronged?


In this chapter to the church at Corinth, St. Paul instructed the young church, in a rather abrupt way, what to do about lawsuits among Believers. He said, “To think that ‘Followers of Jesus’ would sue each other in a court of law means you have already lost! Why Not Just Be wronged?”


Here are some questions: Was it fair for Jesus to be beaten with a whip? Was it fair for Jesus to be crowned with thorns on His head? Was it fair for Him to be nailed to a cross? Was it fair for Jesus to be crucified? To those four questions, I would answer: No, No, No, No! Could Jesus have avoided it? Could Jesus have called 10,000 angels to stop the madness? Yes, and Yes! But Jesus response was, “Why Not Just Be Wronged? The unjust treatment of our Lord and Savior produced the opportunity for Eternal Life for all humankind. Messy fights between “Followers of Jesus” never end well. God always has a higher purpose for His followers when they are treated unfairly. So today … “Why Not Just Be Wronged?”


Dear Jesus,

Today I am reminded that the Battle Is the Lord’s! If it comes my way, help me to be willing to “Just Be Wronged” if it will make Your Church move forward! Amen

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