Up To My Neck!

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Psalm 69:1

Save me, O God, for the waters have come up to my neck.


Once again, we see the great King David in a real “Bad Place.” He says he has more people who hate him than he has hair on his head. He says his enemies are waiting at the gate for him. He says he’s despised and scorned. In fact, it’s so bad that David uses a metaphor by saying, “The water is … ‘Up To My Neck!’”


Have you ever been in such a “Bad Place” that, even while living in a dry and arid location, you feel like the water is “Up To Your Neck?” I know what that feels like. Each week I speak with people who have had such a trial with a family member that they believe the relationship is beyond repair. Calls come in nearly every day to our office from people asking if we could help pay a water or electricity bill. For whatever reason, crisis has come and people feel like they are “Up To Their Necks,” and the waters of life’s trouble are about to engulf them. I can only say this AM that King David did two things each one of us must do in times of “Rising Waters.” David cried out to God to save him. Do That Today! David gave praise to God in the middle of the “Rising Waters!” Do that today! I don’t know the exact hour that God will cause you to sail peacefully on life’s waters again, but … He Will Do It For You!


Dear Jesus,

I must be honest this AM and say that You know I’ve been “Up To My Neck” this week. This AM I want to Thank You for reminding me of the way out. Today, I call upon You my Lord to save me. I want to just stop right now and PRAISE Your Holy Name for who You are and what You will do for me. Amen

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  • Pat Johnson Reply

    Thanks Pastor for this Am today and do feel like am drowning but I know Jesus is my life jacket and I will make it back on dry land. CANCER IS NOT THE BOSS OF ME this is the title of my next book. Love you Pastor Rich…..

    March 20, 2016 at 10:13 am

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