The Three Keys To A Person’s Heart

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1 Corinthians 2:3

I came to you in weakness with great fear and trembling.


Paul the Apostle was the original “Church Planter” of the New Testament. He reminded the church he had helped plant in Corinth of his original approach to them. He said, “I came to you with WEAKNESS, GREAT FEAR, and TREMBLING.” There’s probably not a successful business person in the world who would start a business with these three personal components in mind. And yet, Paul was the man God chose for such a mission.


Paul was not describing the kind of Weakness, Great Fear, and Trembling that most of us immediately feel when the words are mentioned. Rather, these three words spoke of Paul’s great humility and utter dependence upon Almighty God! People far from God oftentimes promote themselves as strong and prideful. They’re not looking for something they already think they have. They’re looking for something different and compelling. As “Followers of Jesus,” we’re not promoting ourselves. We’re promoting our King. Because we testify in His behalf and represent Him, we do so out of Weakness, depending solely upon Him. We do so out of Great Fear, not wanting in any way to be a stumbling block to those seeking to find the Lord. And finally, as representatives of Jesus our Lord we do so with great Trembling, knowing that we may be the closest some will ever come to knowing Jesus. In a strange way, St. Paul knew that these three approaches are really … “The Three Keys To A Person’s Heart.”


Dear Jesus,

As I close my Bible this AM and head to my marketplace mission, help me to remember these three ways to a person’s heart. I never want to approach people out of pride, but rather with deep humility and gratitude in my heart that You have given me my assignment today. Amen

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