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Daniel 3:30

Then the King promoted Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego in the province of Babylon.


The king of Babylon had made a 90 foot tall Golden Icon Statue of himself for the people of the land to bow down to. At the sound of the trumpets, everyone was supposed to “hit the dirt.” All did except three young Hebrew men. The penalty was that they were to be thrown into a “fiery furnace” if they did not comply. But when brought before the king for failing to comply they said they would never bow down to anyone save the Lord God Jehovah. Immediately the king threw them into the furnace, but they did not die! King Nebuchadnezzar brought them out, praised their God and then promoted them. These three young men were first tested, then promoted.


There was a line I came to dread in elementary school. “There Will Be a TEST.” Those were the words I would hear every week from my teacher on many levels, applying to courses I was being schooled in. But it didn’t take long for me to understand that with each test I passed, I was rewarded with a promotion. First “Elementary School.” Then “Middle School.” Then “High School.” And then “College.” But most of all … “THEN LIFE!” All of us are looking for promotion in the many different categories of life we are experiencing. In order to receive promotion, it’s important to remember … “There Will Be A TEST.”


Dear Jesus,

I’m so glad to know who my teacher is. You make the test worth it. I know You have my best interest in mind, when You TEST me. Amen

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