The Power of Church

S. O. A. P

Here’s your 90 second AM devotional!


Psalm 48:9

Within your temple O God we meditate on your unfailing love.


King David reflected on one of the main purposes for going to church. He didn’t speak of the children’s or youth ministries. He didn’t speak of the adult classes, or the worship team, or the intelligent lighting that has to be programmed to be intelligent … No … He said, “When I go to church I meditate. And in particular I meditate O Lord, on Your unfailing love.”


Rarely has meditation, in modern times, been associated with church attendance. That is unless you happen into a Christian Science library to read. But the king said, “When I go to church, I meditate (Stop, Pause, Think, Muse) about your (God’s) unfailing love.” In other words, all of the ministries of the church, all of the worship going from the church, and all of the nice things about the church cause me to remember that You, O Lord, really love me. So … I will now meditate on the very fact that Your love never ends. It’s called … “The Power of Church.”


Dear Jesus,

Before I get to church to meditate on Your unfailing love for me, I have made my kitchen into a sanctuary this morning. And as I am meditating in my “Makeshift Church,” my heart is moved and stirred when I think that Your love never fails. Amen

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