Sometimes You Make Mistakes

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Galatians 2:11

When Cephas came to Antioch, I opposed him to his face, because he stood condemned.


Cephas (St. Peter) was the first of the Disciples to take the “Gospel of Jesus” to the Gentiles. When Paul found him at Antioch, he confronted him because Paul knew Peter had been eating with Gentiles. When Jewish Christian leaders showed up, Peter would pull back as though he hadn’t. It actually led other Jewish leaders into the same kind of hypocrisy.


This is an amazing face off between the two “HEAVYWEIGHTS” of the New Testament. The Catholics believe that Peter is the “Vicar of Christ,” and of course Paul is the chief human architect of the New Testament. Yet on this occasion mentioned, Peter was in the wrong and Paul confronted him. The details of Peter’s failure here are too lengthy to describe, but it appears this event took place before the “Council of Jerusalem” occurred in Acts 15. Peter defended Paul at the “Council of Jerusalem,” so it’s obvious Peter responded to Paul’s rebuke. Here’s the truth … “Sometimes You Make Mistakes.” It doesn’t matter if you’re perceived to be the “Big Guy” or the “Little Guy” in God’s Kingdom. When you make a mistake, admit it, shake it out of your spirit, and “Move On!”


Dear Jesus,

This AM I pray You will help me avoid mistakes that brings an offense to others. But should that happen, with Your help I will admit it, shake it out of my spirit, and move on. Amen

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