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Psalm 132:1

Lord, remember David and all his self-denial.


King David speaks of himself in the Third Person. He reminds God of what he’s done for Him so that perhaps God will respond toward him, and all of Israel, in a more favorable way.


This is the adult version of a little boy or girl coming to their “Loving Father” and saying, “Daddy I did this and this and this and it was really hard Daddy, so will you do this for me Daddy?” There is always in we humans the idea that we can “Do Enough” or “Work Hard Enough” and then God will grant us our prayers and desires. On the other hand, there are many positive things about “Self-Denial” for the sake of our Lord. The act of FASTING reminds us that He (Jesus) is more important than our APPETITES. The act of PERSONAL DEVOTION reminds us that He (Jesus) is more important than our TIME. The act of GENEROSITY reminds us that He (Jesus) is more important than our NEEDS. However, because of the sacrifice of Jesus, none of these acts of “Self-Denial” can get Him to love us more or do more for us. “Self-Denial” can be a good thing, but Jesus loves us anyway.


Dear Jesus,

Thank You today that there is nothing I can do to get You to love me MORE, or love me AT ALL. I know You love me. You proved that on the CROSS. Amen


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