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John 7:24

Stop judging by mere appearances, but instead judge correctly.


Once again in this passage Jesus is going “Head On” with the religious Jews of His day. The term “mere appearances” suggests that the vantage point their religion had afforded them granted them the opportunity to make “Knee Jerk” decisions based on a perceived “sighting of a wrong” on someone else’s part. This quick call judgment of others meant that these religious people could steer clear of other peoples messes since they had their religious box swept as clean as a whistle. But Jesus insisted that was unfair judgment and that they must judge correctly.


Religion never judges correctly. Religion forces you to fit into the proper Square or Round Hole. As in … “Never force a square peg into a round hole.” The problem is that’s the story of humanity. Most of the time we are the square pegs trying to fit into a round hole, and the messes that are created are … well … just a MESS. Love, real Christian Love, stays around until the mess is cleaned up. That’s the difference between Jesus and RELIGION. When religion makes its quick call judgment based upon one’s perceived “sighting of a wrong” on someone else’s part (of course), Jesus will STAY, Christians will STAY, until the “Square Peg Guy” … that’s You and Me … finally finds his place. Anything short of that is just … RELIGION.


Dear Jesus,

I have made so many messes in my life … but You have loved me through all of the messes. You never slapped your hands together and said, “That’s it … I’m outta here.” No you just stayed with me. You never left me. Thank You. Amen

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