Oh The Waiting

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Psalm 33:20

We wait in hope for the Lord; He is our help and our shield.


At the height of David’s reign, he had 1.3 million fighting men in his army. For many years, no one could come close to defeating King David’s fighting force. And yet in this passage the King says, “We wait … ALL of Israel waits in hope for the Lord. He’s the one who helps us, He’s the one who protects us.” That was David’s heart.


Can you imagine overseeing a 1.3 million-man army in ancient times? The feeding of them. The hygiene for them. The refuse removal for them. Most kings with that kind of an advantage in numbers would have simply said, “Charge we’ve got this!” But not David. He was like Moses who said to the Lord, “If You’re not going with us we’re not going” (Exodus 33:15). David was willing to wait for the Lord’s direction. He knew God was the one who had brought them to this great place of power, and that He had protected them all the way. The power is in the “Waiting On the Lord.” God is able to crush planets in a second. But when we move out on our own without Him, hastily, we get CRUSHED in a SECOND. And I can hear You thinking right now … “Oh The Waiting.” But my response is … “Oh the victory … Oh the plunder of our enemies.” If we are willing to “Wait in hope for the Lord.”


Dear Jesus,

Much of my life, sad to say, has been about rushing my “little army” out at my command, not Yours. Today I am determined for the rest of my life to WAIT in HOPE for You Lord. Amen

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  • David Reply

    Good Word brother. Very timely. Thank you!

    June 5, 2014 at 9:40 am

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