Money Can’t Save You

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Psalm 49:12a

People, despite their wealth, do not endure.


The writer of this Psalm seems to suggest that money may be an antidote to sickness, disease, and death. However, in the end he says even “Money Can’t Save You.”


It’s always amazing to me that every time I visit the hospital to pray for one of our members the walls are lined with pictures and memorials to people who have passed away. They paid to have their names remembered on the wall of a hospital they were hoping could save them. All the money in the world won’t save any of the patients in that hospital in time, and it won’t save you and me either. The truth is, all of us are living on borrowed time so we must make each day count. “Money Can’t Save You,” but Jesus can make your life and mine valuable because of the mission we serve. Our mission here is to bring “life and life more abundantly” to everyone we meet. That’s a lot better than our picture on the hospital wall at the end of our life.


Dear Jesus,

I’m ready to go out today and bring life and life more abundantly to everyone I meet. Please bless me in Your mission. Amen

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