Leaders Go First

S. O. A. P.

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Ezra 2:68

When they arrived at the house of the Lord in Jerusalem, some of the heads of the families gave freewill offerings toward the rebuilding of the house of God on its site.


When King Cyrus took over Babylon he felt led of the Lord, though not a Jew, to have a number of the Israelite people return to Jerusalem. When the group arrived back, the leaders first gave an offering of over 300 thousand dollars to put the temple back together.


“Leaders Go First.” That’s what needs to be acknowledged here and now. These folks were all but completely broke. They had been slaves in Babylon. The scripture says it took over 42 thousand folks to come up with that money. They were broke, but they gave what they had. As a leader, my first question in assessing a situation is always, “What needs to be done here?” If that’s your heart, you’ll always hear from the Lord the next step to take. But when He speaks it will always require you or me, the leader, to go first. “Leaders Go First.”


Dear Jesus,

I’m asking this AM that You would help me be driven by the need, more than by people’s opinion. Amen

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