Keep Me From The Willful Sins

S. O. A. P.

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Psalm 19:13

Keep your servant also from willful sins; may they not rule over me. Then I will be blameless, innocent of great transgression.


King David had an earnest prayer. I’m sure he knew that everyone sins. His great desire, however, was that he would be kept from “WILLFUL SINS.” The kind that are premeditated and thought out. He knew that if he could be separated from that kind of sinning, he would be free of “DEEP Transgression.”


I really don’t think David was making light of sinning in any way. However, in that day and because of who they were, God had placed His law not only on tablets of stone but deep within their hearts as well. I suppose, just like in our society today, there were levels of sinning. A lie was one thing, but for a murder a person would either be executed themselves or spend the rest of their life incarcerated. David was thinking of the DEEP Transgression. He saw the utter failure of men and women who were ruled by premeditated sin, and he wanted nothing to do with it! Yes, all of us fail each day in some way. Maybe not with an act, but surely with a thought or an unknown offense that someone tells us of at a later time. Things that are just sins happen. It’s only by the Grace of our Lord that we carry on. However, there is a point when, like David, we can all say, “I want nothing to do with perpetual, premeditated, planned-out, ‘DEEP Transgression!’ Lord, Keep Me From The Willful Sins!”


Dear Jesus,

I want to make myself clear this AM, I need Your help. The temptation is never far away, and my passions run deep. Thank You for keeping me from premeditated sins, for the most part. But Lord, I never want to take that for granted, please help me again today. Amen

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