Just Forget It and Move On

S. O. A. P.

Here’s Your 90 second AM Devotional!


Psalm 137:7a

Remember, Lord, what the Edomites did on the day Jerusalem fell.


It’s unlikely that David wrote this, but if he did he was writing into the future as a Prophet. If Jeremiah wrote it, he wasn’t in Babylon at the time sitting by the river feeling bad. Instead he had been forced into Egypt during this season. Whoever wrote it was upset that the Edomites stood by and encouraged the Babylonians to destroy Jerusalem instead of stepping in to help their half-brothers. The writer was angry and bitter and wanted God to take His vengeance on the Edomites.


Too many folks spend their lives thinking back to yesterday and what “might have been” if so and so hadn’t hurt them. The longer one looks back, the more difficult it is to carve out a new dream or purpose for the future. I think the best advice is … “Just Forget It And Move On!” Paul did his greatest work behind prison doors. He didn’t lay his parchment paper down or his quill down. He didn’t say … “Those lousy Roman authorities.” No! He took it as a “Divine Sabbatical” (though not on the beach) and wrote a good portion of the New Testament! When you get hurt, and you will, “Just Forget It And Move On!”


Dear Jesus,

As always, there’s a battle going on in my mind this AM to be upset with folks who have hurt me. But You have encouraged me to pray for them … “Forget It and Move On!” With your help I will. Amen

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