Jesus Will Help You

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John 14:1a

Do not let your hearts be troubled.


Jesus was coming to the end of His time on earth. His disciples had questions and it was Jesus’ desire to answer those questions. Things were heating up in Jerusalem, and the disciples knew Jesus’ life was in jeopardy. Right away He wanted to settle their concerns, and He said, “Don’t Worry!” His exact words were, “Do not let your hearts be troubled.” In other words, worry is not the best way to win victory.


Whenever a challenge is placed in front of me, I usually have to battle the initial thought of “Oh No!” But that is always the enemy’s first line of temptation … WORRY! Whether it’s worry over a lack of finances to make ends meet, or a sickness in the family, or which offer to take concerning one’s life call, worry is always knocking on the door. Jesus had reason to address worry in the life of every believer. Worry has no place in the realm of Faith. In order to please The Lord and live a life of victory, Faith is required. Jesus made it very clear that He was going to prepare a place in heaven for all of us. In other words, Jesus was saying to all of His followers throughout history, “I’ve got YOU!” So the next time that old hell-sent thought of worry seems to overwhelm you … Stop … Take a deep breath, and look up because … “Jesus Will Help You.”


Dear Jesus,

Thank You this AM that no matter what kind of challenge I’m faced with, You will always be there to help me. Because of You, worry is behind me. Amen

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