It’s Still NEW

S. O. A. P

Here’s your 90 second AM devotional!


John 13:34

A new command I give you: love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another.


This statement was made by Jesus to His disciples shortly before He went to the cross. He said … “Fellas here’s the biggest takeaway I want you to hold on to after I’m gone. Love is the NEW Law. If you miss everything else don’t miss love. Love others the same way I have loved you!”


I’m always amazed that love or the lack of love is at the foundation of everything we do. When a selfish decision is made you can feel it. When a loving decision is made others will know it. If love is your law you really won’t need any other laws. You will love your neighbor too much to take his wife or hurt your bride. You will love your friend too much to steal what she has or covet what they’ve got. Your love for your authorities will move you to obey them. But if you say these things outside the warm environment of your Christian fellowship, people will respond … “Are you kidding me? That’s like a new idea!” That’s why when you talk about Real Love … “It’s Still NEW.”


Dear Jesus,

Thank You that Your “Law of Love” is still NEW. And Thank You that it’s still the only law I really need. Amen

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