More Important Than Life Itself

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Esther 4:16

Go, gather together all the Jews who are in Susa, and fast for me. Do not eat or drink for three days, night or day. I and my attendants will fast as you do. When this is done, I will go to the king, even though it is against the law. And if I perish, I perish.


This is the story of Esther, the Jewish Queen of a Medo-Persian Empire. Her husband, the King, had signed an evil edict promoted by the villain Haman. Haman hated the Jews and Esther’s husband the King did not know she was Jewish. The edict simply stated that all Jews were to be exterminated. Esther asked her Uncle to have all of the Jewish people living in the province of Susa to fast and pray with her for three days. She said after that she would go before her husband, even though it was illegal, and if she was to die then she would die.


Have you ever considered the fact that there are some things that are … “More Important Than Life Itself?” We witness people almost daily who are dying around the world for causes that most of us of a Judeo-Christian persuasion believe are incredulous. To them, however, those causes are … “More Important Than Life Itself.” As “Followers of Jesus,” it is incumbent upon all of us to be people driven by biblical principle. May it never be said of us that we are so caught up in this present world that we fail to properly prepare for the next. Fortunately we have a Savior who came from Heaven to Earth. Because of His sacrifice on the cross, we were given assurance of Eternal Life. To HIM, that was … “More Important Than Life Itself.”


Dear Jesus,

Like Esther this AM, I ask that You would help me be willing to lay my life on Your altar for a cause that is … “More Important Than Life Itself.” Amen

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