I’m With Jesus

S. O. A. P.

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Luke 22:28

You are those who have stood by me in my trials.


Jesus was having “The Last Supper” with His disciples on the night He would be betrayed. Jesus was talking about being a servant, and then He said, “YOU (speaking of His disciples) have stood with Me in My time of trials.” Others had left Him, but this group of men (Judas would walk out of this “table time” and betray Him) had stayed with Him in the BEST of times and in the WORST of times.


Certainly, by now, all of us have known and have had what are commonly referred to as “Fair Weather” friends. I’ve had plenty of them in my life. These are friends who are with you during the Good Times, but seem to slip away when the slightest bit of trouble comes your way. When Jesus sat at the table for “The Last Supper,” He knew that most of them would scatter before it was all over. However, before any of that happened He wanted to encourage them by saying, “YOU have been with Me in My trials.” These men all had a breaking for sure, but they had stuck with Jesus up until that last meal. No matter what had happened, whether it was Pharisees trying to kill Jesus, or being the only ones on Jesus’ side, they had never wavered. Whenever asked, they would say, “I’m With Jesus.” Today, every “Follower of Jesus” is up against the tide of humanity again. It seems like the mere mention of Jesus’ name offends people. But with all that being said, I hope you decide with me today … “I’m With Jesus!”


Dear Jesus,

I’m with You this AM! I have no other recourse, I’m in too deep and love it too much to turn away now! Amen

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