I Was Called To Support, Not Complain

S. O. A. P.

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Daniel 11:1

And in the first year of Darius the Mede, I took my stand to support and protect him.


It appears in Scripture that the Prophet Daniel served four different Kings directly. Some believe that Darius was also Cyrus. None of them were Jewish or believed in the God of Daniel, but here Daniel, as a man of God, serves and protects this new king named Darius.


Daniel was a servant under each King he served. But even a servant has a choice. They can rebel and be killed, or they can serve with a bad attitude, or they can decide to make the best out of a tough situation. Daniel chose the last of those options. Instead of rebelling or serving with a bad attitude, he said, “I’m going to support and protect this King who doesn’t believe one thing I do.” I try and ask myself everyday, “Rich, will you support your leaders today or will you complain about them?” I realize that I was called to serve God and serve others. Sometimes “OTHERS” don’t believe God like I do. But I wasn’t called to complain about that, I was called to serve them anyway. Why don’t you join me and say it to start our day … “I Was Called To Serve And Not Complain!”


Dear Jesus,

I’m committing once again today to serve people and not complain about them! Amen

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