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1 Samuel 12:22

For the sake of his great name the Lord will not reject his people, because the Lord was pleased to make you his own.


This was part of the farewell speech given by the Prophet Samuel to the People of Israel. In this speech, he reaffirms the fact that God will never reject the Israelites, because He is pleased to call them “His Own.”


Like the Israelites of old, we “Followers of Jesus,” better known as “The Church,” have been grafted into this same promise God gave them. This of course happened through the marvelous sacrifice made by Jesus on the cross and His physical resurrection from the grave three days later. Because of this indescribable gift, God is pleased to call us “His Own.” Oh yes, we have all failed. We have all sinned and come up short of God’s glory. But in spite of all of our failures, mess-ups, rebellions, stupid mistakes, and even “Oops I did it agains,” God Still Loves Us! And even though His heart breaks like any father of a wayward child, at the end of the day our Father in heaven is pleased to call us … “His Own!”


Dear Jesus,

I am amazed You still love me. After all my failures You still care for me and call me “Your Own.” I’m just amazed. Amen

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