Know Your Boundaries

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1 Samuel 13:9

So he said, “Bring me the burnt offering and the fellowship offerings.” And Saul offered up the burnt offering.


Saul had only recently been anointed as the first KING in Israel’s history. The Prophet Samuel, who had led the nation, stepped aside from his position as leader but maintained his position as High Priest of Israel. Immediately after Samuel handed over the reigns of leadership to Saul, Saul in turn offered a burnt offering to the Lord as though he were the King and Priest of Israel. Because of this unconscionable act, God’s judgment came on Saul.


Just because you excel at one thing doesn’t mean you excel at everything. Just because God has anointed you for one specific ministry, doesn’t mean He has anointed you for every kind of ministry. Perhaps it’s true that Saul had not had enough training for his position as King. But what he did by offering a burnt offering to the Lord was strictly forbidden for anyone outside of the “House of Levi,” and in particular “The Priest.” Saul was a powerful fighter and farmer from the house of Benjamin. Unfortunately, Saul never did grasp his BOUNDARIES as King. He continually moved into arenas that were not called for. Because of his actions, his lineage ended on his watch. Imagine a King with no one to succeed him because of God’s judgment. The one thing we can all learn from King Saul’s failure is … “Know Your Boundaries!”


Dear Jesus,

This AM I ask that You would help me stay focused on the Giftings and Ministry You have blessed me in. Amen

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