He’s Got Us Coming And Going!

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Psalm 121:8

The Lord will watch over your coming and going both now and forevermore.


This chapter in Psalm is a powerful statement of Jesus’ loving care for all of His people. In this final verse, number 8 of a very brief chapter, Jesus says … “He’s Got Us Coming And Going.”


The age old question is … “Should I go or should I stay?” People wonder if this job is the right job? “Should I go or should I stay?” People question: is this person I’m dating the right one to marry and build a family with? “Should I go or should I stay?” Some ponder the purpose of finishing these “Graduate Studies” that won’t guarantee a job when finished? “Should I go or should I stay?” You might say that King David had been through it ALL. He’d risen as the Least in his father’s house of many sons to become King over the nation of Israel. He was a Lion Killer and a Harp Player. He was a Lover and a Fighter. He was a Sinner and a Man After God’s Own Heart. He had Lost and he had Won. He was a “Melancholy” and a “Type A.” So really, David had run the gamut of many of life’s categories. Toward the end, he thought of all of his life’s endeavors and said about Jesus … “He’s Got Us Coming And Going!”


Dear Jesus,

This AM I know You’re watching over me today … All Day. You have ordered my STEPS. I will not fear what lies ahead because You’ve got me, coming and going. Amen

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