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Psalm 112:1

Praise the Lord. Blessed are those who fear the Lord, who find great delight in his commands.


This passage commends those who fear the Lord and are delighted to do His will. Throughout this chapter, these people are referred to as “The Righteous.” Here are the things “The Righteous” will receive: Their children will be mighty. Wealth and riches will be theirs. Even when it’s dark their light will shine. Nothing will shake them. They will have No Fear. They will be remembered forever.


These are amazing Promises, all predicated upon Obedience. In other words, love God and do His will and all of this great stuff will come on you. It sounds like … “Be GOOD – Get GOOD.” I’m thinking of the men in my family who practiced this lifestyle. They were: My Father, his Father, my Mom’s Father, my Wife’s Father, his Father, and my Wife’s Mom’s Father. I knew all but two of them. Let me tell you, they were Fearless Men. They weren’t complainers. They had all they needed to do all God called them to do, and their family Remembers them. They practiced this principle in Psalm 112, “Be GOOD – Get GOOD!” I hear people say, “I don’t give to get.” I say … “WHATEVER!” You can’t help but receive back from God the GOOD you plant!


Dear Jesus,

I’ve decided instead of doing bad to get bad, I’m going to … “Do GOOD to Get GOOD.” It seems like my grandkids will appreciate it more if I do! Amen

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