You Can’t Speak For God, Unless You Hear From God

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Jeremiah 23:18

But which of them has stood in the council of the Lord to see or to hear his word? Who has listened and heard his word?


The Lord was upset at the Prophets in Jeremiah’s day, who were prophesying lies. In fact God said in verse 21, “I didn’t send these Prophets yet they ran with a message.” He said, “I didn’t speak to them yet they prophesied.” And in our chosen verse today, God asks the question, “Who of these Prophets has stood in My presence to see and hear My Word? Who has listened and heard My Word?”


The power and point of this text is to say … “You Can’t Speak For God, Unless You Hear From God.” I’ve lived a fairly long time on this planet and have watched and listened to Prophets and Teachers of the “Gospel” my whole life. I’ve lived through many of the “ERAs” of Biblical Movements. I’ve lived through the Holiness movement, the Grace movement, the Jesus movement, the Charismatic movement, the Prosperity movement, the End Times movement, and on and on. Here’s what I’ve learned. God is always specific in the context of the whole Word or Council of God. God’s Word was never meant to be segmented. When we segment the Word and stay on one theme we fall into the trap of listening to one another instead of the Lord. That’s why … “You Can’t Speak For God, Unless You Hear From God!”


Dear Jesus,

I … more than anything this AM, want to hear from You! I want to speak for You when I hear You speak to me. Amen

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Comments (3)

  • joyce & al Reply

    God knows our heart and our desire is just that, to be in His presence and Hear from Him. God Bless

    August 17, 2015 at 10:46 am
  • Yanick Lacroix Reply

    To say, “Thus says the Lord!” without hearing from Him is being in a very dangerous spiritual, slippery position. I have been praying, envoquing the Holy Spirrit, asking to hear from God. I may dream of Him or may follow an inspirational idea that comes to save me from a disaster or from sinning. This prayer must be an everyday renewal and constant invocation.

    August 17, 2015 at 12:52 pm
  • Amado Estremera Reply

    Hi ,Pastor. That is why , I’m careful , about people ,going around giving a word of prophet. You have to be in the God’s word, and full of the Holy Spirit, too known ,who is telling the truth.

    August 18, 2015 at 4:05 pm

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