For the Poor and Needy ONLY

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Psalm 70:5

But as for me I am poor and needy; come quickly to me oh God. You are my help and my deliver; Lord do not delay.


King David made a remarkable statement here when he said that he was “Poor and Needy.” He begged God to come quickly to deliver him. He ended this short chapter the same way he began. He was urgent in his desperation for God’s salvation.


What’s so amazing about this passage is that before he passed King David told his son Solomon that he had prepared over 100,000 talents of gold to build the temple of the Lord (1 Chronicles 22:14). In today’s money that would be over $100 BILLION-US! This of course does not include the silver, bronze, and iron mentioned (by the way there were one million talents of silver). This also did not include David’s personal wealth, mentioned in 1 Chronicles 29:3-5, of which David gave $3.7 billion to finance the building of the Lord’s Temple. This is wealth that even in these modern times seems somewhat unfathomable. And yet what makes King David such a compelling figure throughout the centuries is his humility. He realized that even with all of his wealth, his limitations continuously shrunk his horizons. He saw in his Heavenly Father the All-Knowing, All-Everywhere, All-Powerful, Unlimited God of the Universe. And in comparison he felt “Poor and Needy.” It was at this point that he cried … “Come quickly my God and save me, NOW.” That’s probably the most secure David ever felt in his life. And if you’re struggling to comprehend such a thought, perhaps it’s because this verse is … “For the Poor and Needy ONLY.”


Dear Jesus,

I guess it’s a good day. I guess I must be totally secure because I’m Poor and Needy again. And I need You to come and save me NOW. Amen

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