More Than Enough

S. O. A. P.

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Exodus 36:7

Because what they already had was more than enough to do all the work.


This is the story of Moses and the people of Israel building a temporary mobile Tabernacle for the Lord during their sojourn in the wilderness. It was a 40-year sojourn. So even though it was temporary and mobile, it had to be made with the finest expertise and the funds needed were enormous. Earlier, Moses had said, “I want you all to think and pray about what you should give in the way of offerings to build this Tabernacle for the Lord.” The people brought so much money that Moses had to stop them and told them that they had brought “More Than Enough” to finish the project.


Generosity, always reaps a heavenly reward. The people of Israel had seen the Lord work miracle after miracle on their behalf, and as a result there was a joy in their hearts when it came to giving. They truly loved the Lord. Yes, they failed over and over again, and yet they couldn’t help but realize it was their God who had led them every step of the way. They knew in their hearts that it wasn’t the Lord’s desire to destroy them, but to bless them. So when the man of God, Moses, put out the call for offerings to build the Lord a Tabernacle, the people came running. Morning after morning they came with offerings of abundance. It was overwhelming to the point that Moses finally raised his hand and said something like ENOUGH, ENOUGH! You must stop with all of your generosity!! You people have given “More Than Enough!”


Dear Jesus,

This AM I want to be part of Your “More Than Enough” team. I don’t care how much it costs, I just want in. Amen

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