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Genesis 35:1
Then God said to Jacob, “Go up to Bethel and settle there, and build an altar there to God, who appeared to you when you were fleeing from your brother Esau.


Bethel was the place that Jacob had originally seen a stairway to heaven while he slept one night while running from the wrath of his brother Esau. It’s where God spoke to him. The original location was named Luz. When Jacob moved into Canaanite territory, he purchased a piece of land from Hamor, the leader of a place called Shechem. Now something terrible happened to Jacob’s family. His only daughter Dinah had gone out to meet the women of the land, and Hamor’s son was attracted to her and raped her. The head of Shechem, Hamor, tried to reason with Jacob’s sons and asked them to let his son marry Dinah. Instead, the sons of Jacob killed every man of Shechem. (It’s a long story). God then spoke to Jacob and said, “Have your sons and their families leave all of their foreign gods here and go “Back To Bethel.”


You see Jacob’s sons had fallen prey to the temptations of the devil. God said, “Jacob, get your family ‘Back To Bethel,’ and I’ll cover for you.” In other words, repent. What about you today? Do you need to go “Back To Bethel?” I’ve had to, many times in my life, but only you can answer that question for yourself. I hope you will.


Dear Jesus,
I know there have been times where I didn’t measure up to your call on my life and I had to go back to my own personal Bethel. I’m so blessed that each time you have forgiven me. Thank you Jesus! Amen

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