The Answer Is: Fear And Hope

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Psalm 33:18

But the eyes of the Lord are on those who fear him, on those whose hope is in his unfailing love.


David knew after years of following the Lord what really mattered to God. He said that special ATTENTION from the Lord would be given to those who really FEAR (have a Holy respect for) Him. Also the King said that those who have an unyielding HOPE in God’s UNFAILING LOVE would be singled out for FAVOR.


When I was a little boy and I was at a supermarket or park or playground of any description, I was usually accompanied by one or both of my parents. I was always aware that Dad or Mom’s eye was on me. I knew they LOVED me, and I knew that Mom and Dad would do anything possible to help me. But I must say that they both appeared to me to be “God In The Flesh!” I mean I had a HOLY respect for Mom and Dad. I also had a never ending HOPE that somehow they would find a way to make things happen for me that I couldn’t make happen for myself. And this was rooted in their UNFAILING LOVE for me. Such is the relationship that Jesus longs to have with each of us, His children. “The Answer Is: Fear And Hope!” Jesus will FAVOR those who FEAR Him and those whose HOPE is continually in Him will be consumed by His UNFAILING LOVE!


Dear Jesus,

This AM I want to affirm once again that my total RESPECT and HOPE is anchored in You! You’ve Got Me! Amen

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