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1 Samuel 18:9

And from that time on Saul kept a close eye on David.


This statement was made after David, King Saul’s young warrior, was being lauded as the one who killed his “Tens of Thousands,” while Saul, the King, only killed his “Thousands.” Consequently, King Saul was left in a place of insecurity.


The truth is that Saul waited TOO long to start watching out for potential successors who would try to supplant him. It started way back when King Saul had gotten into a pattern of disobeying God. I suppose you could say he was just lazy in doing the “Will of God,” or half-hearted in following through with “God’s Commands.” He was a man who often took the easy way out vs. the more difficult way out. He was especially concerned about whether he looked good in the process. When self-promotion, self-sufficiency, and self-service become one’s sole purpose, it puts that person way behind on God’s timetable for Success and a Blessed Legacy. King Saul lived for the moment. His questions may have been something like this: “How do I look right now? What do people think of me right now?” His failure to produce a future vision for Israel was his demise. “Heavenly Vision” takes one’s eyes off of oneself and puts them on people and the “Means” to help others. “Heavenly Vision” will help you to … “Always Stay Ahead Of The Game.”


Dear Jesus,

I asked today that my eyes would be lifted off of me and on to the future. Help me get my eyes on Your “Harvest Field,” and just let me be one of Your workers please. Amen

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