Our God, Our Stronghold

S. O. A. P.

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Psalm 9:9

The Lord is a refuge for the oppressed, a stronghold in times of trouble.


In this short, 3-line verse, the Writer says that our God is the place where people who have been mistreated can go. He’s also the place where you can go if you are in trouble.


In my life, I have faced hundreds of times when I was either in trouble or being mistreated by someone. During those times, I needed a safe place to go. The dictionary defines the word “Stronghold” as a place of security or survival. Our God is a stronghold! It might seem strange to define God as a place, a noun, but our God is Limitless. He matches 2 of the 3 definitions of the word Noun. He is a Person and He is a Place. Because He cares for you and me so much, He has provided Himself as the Place where weary, hurting, downtrodden, broken, oppressed, terrified, betrayed, rejected, and unloved people like you and me can run to. In our deepest and most desperate times of existence, when Hope seems lost, when Dreams have been turned into Nightmares, and the Long and Winding Road has led to a “Brick Wall,” our God stands with arms open wide to welcome us into His Place … into “HIM!” “Our God, Our Stronghold.” I’m headed there NOW!


Dear Jesus,

I remember that ONE time … Who am I kidding? I remember the 100s of times You have been “The Place” I ran to. Never once was the door locked. Thanks! Amen

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