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1 Chronicles 7:40a

All these were descendants of Asher—heads of families, choice men, brave warriors and outstanding leaders.


The Prophet Ezra is the writer of this book, and in recounting the Tribe of Asher he lists 4 qualities that the world is looking for in men today. The qualities of the “Men of Asher” were as follows: Patriarchal, the Best of the Best, Brave Warriors, and Outstanding Leaders.


How does a family turn out so well? We know that Asher was the 8th son of Jacob, somewhere around 1920 (something) BC. We know Ezra wrote the first book of the Chronicles around 450 (something) BC. The name “Asher” means “HAPPY.” We don’t know why Jacob named his 8th son “HAPPY,” after all he was the child of one of Jacob’s wives’ handmaidens, Zilpah. But when he was born his Father said, “I’ll name him ‘HAPPY!’” I know this … good things come to HAPPY people. Just before Jacob died, he blessed his son Asher and said that he would be blessed with abundance and food befitting a King. Just before Moses died, he said that the tribe of Asher would be blessed with Prosperity. It’s obvious that this man in history lived “HAPPY,” and that way of approaching life produced men the world still longs for today! Here’s the moral of the story … “Happy DAD, Happy Family!”


Dear Jesus,

Thank You that You give all who ask You, the “Joy of the Lord.” Thank You today that You gave me a “Happy Family.” Amen

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