Who Is Your Advantage?

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Leviticus 25:17

Do not take advantage of each other, but fear your God. I am the Lord your God.


This verse was one of the instructions given to the people about how they should behave during the Year of Jubilee. The people were told they should avoid taking advantage of someone because of the other person’s ignorance or necessity, and they should fear God’s retaliation if they did.


This law was given specifically for the Jubilee Year, but isn’t this God’s desire for us every year? When one person exploits another, he or she starts to think that taking from others is their advantage. They depend on the weaknesses of others to help them get ahead, instead of depending on God’s strength and provision. God wants each of us to have our Jubilee. He wants us to enjoy and depend on the ADVANTAGES He provides for us. He has the ability to provide us with freedom from debt and illness and the countless other burdens we carry. He alone can pardon our sins, forgiving us even when nothing we do could earn that forgiveness. He restores our broken relationships, especially our relationship with Him. The advantages He gives are so much greater than those gained by exploiting others. So this AM, take a moment and ask yourself, “Who Is Your Advantage?”


Dear Jesus,

As I get ready to walk out the door, I want to thank You for reminding me that You are my Advantage. You are the only provider I need! Amen

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  • Barbara Holliman Reply

    I want to live for Jesus and I will make him the number one priority in my life. There is nothing greater than the love that I have for Jesus. I love Him so much.

    February 15, 2016 at 1:25 pm

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