Sometimes You Need A Better Argument

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Genesis 34:31

But they replied, “Should he have treated our sister like a prostitute?”


This is a gut-wrenching story. Dinah was a daughter of Jacob, and Jacob’s entire family was living among the Hivites. The son of the king or leader was named Shechem. When he saw Dinah in the city, he took her and raped her. He then was so in love that he begged his father to get her for his wife. Then Dinah’s brothers heard of what had happened. Through a strange series of events, every man who lived in the city where Shechem’s father was king agreed to be circumcised. After three days, Dinah’s brothers killed each one of them. It happened because the pain they were experiencing from the circumcision made it impossible for them to fight back. When Jacob heard what his sons had done, he was furious and said, “You have made us to be a scourge among the people of this land.” But the sons replied, “Should we have let that guy treat our sister like a prostitute?”


Jacob, the father, was reacting to what he thought would be a long term problem for him and his sons. But in this case, the sons had a more compelling argument. On that day, the act they committed against the Shechemites was more righteous than the act that Shechem committed against their sister. We live in perilous times. Whatever we do, we must ask the Lord to help us argue on the right side of God’s will. Because “Sometimes You Need A Better Argument!”


Dear Jesus,

Help me to fight for what You want and not for what I want. Amen


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