Broken Promises

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Genesis 38:26

Judah recognized them and said, “She is more righteous than I, since I wouldn’t give her to my son Shelah.” And he did not sleep with her again.


This is the story of Judah’s sin with Tamar. Tamar was Judah’s daughter-in-law. She had married Judah’s son, Er, but Er had died. Jewish law said that if a Jewish male died before his wife had conceived a child, she was to be handed off to his next brother to preserve his name. But when Judah gave Tamar to Onan, the younger brother of Er, Onan then died not having helped Tamar conceive. Judah said to Tamar, “Live as a widow until my youngest son Shelah is old enough to marry you.” But Judah never gave Tamar to Shelah. When his own wife passed, he went to a neighboring town to have his sheep sheared. Tamar heard of it and went to the same town and sat at the city gate dressed as a prostitute. Judah hired her and gave his seal and staff in pledge that he would pay her. He had no idea that it was Tamar because she was veiled. Months later, it was told to Judah that his daughter-in-law Tamar was pregnant. Judah said, “Have her burned to death.” That was the Jewish penalty for such a sin. As they were taking her, she gave Judah’s seal and staff to the men and said, “I’m pregnant by the man who owns these.” When Judah heard the news, he said, “She is more righteous than I, because I broke my promise to her, to give her my son Shelah.”


“Broken Promises” often break the one who broke them.


Dear Jesus,

This AM, I ask You to help me be a “Promise Keeper.” Amen


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