Stir Me Again Lord

S. O. A. P.

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Judges 13:25a

And the Spirit of the Lord began to stir him.


Sampson lived during the period known as the “Judges” of Israel. There was no king and no prophet, but there was a Judge! When the Spirit of the Lord began to “Stir Him,” this marked the beginning of Sampson’s young life. I guess you could say this was a special anointing of the Holy Spirit that came upon his life. In Sampson’s case he was born to be unusually strong and overwhelming to any potential enemy.


Whether you know this sad story or not, I feel compelled to tell it. Sampson was perhaps the strongest man who ever lived. He performed exploits of great strength, such as had never before been witnessed. However, like many young people it went to his head and he took it for granted as if he, and not the Lord, was the reason for his unusual strength. At the end of his life, he was found blinded and working the corn mill, like an animal, in the enemy’s prison chamber. Perhaps you can recall a time in your own life where you, or a friend who was uniquely anointed or blessed by the Lord, took it for granted and squandered an unusual opportunity due, in part, to pride. I’m sure Sampson, in a blinded state, working for an enemy’s success, longed for the good old days. As a young man, he had felt the “Stirring of the Lord” on his life. Most likely he believed that all young men received the same touch from the Lord at that age. It took losing it all for Sampson to realize he was special. That’s when he probably began praying daily … “Stir Me Again Lord!” There is no reason to wait until one loses it all to ask the Lord for His Blessing. Join me today in praying … “Stir Me Again Lord!”


Dear Jesus,

I don’t ever want to take Your Blessing for granted. Thank You today for Your “Stirring” in my life! Amen

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  • cindy hernandez Reply

    Past, i can not begin to tell u that todays 90 sec devotional was on point!! For me at least…Thank you, Jesus for pastor rich in doing your will….thankyou for speaking to me today!! In Jesus name AMEN!!!

    April 6, 2016 at 12:35 pm

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