The Greatness Of Our God

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Psalm 89:8

Who is like you, Lord God Almighty? You, Lord, are mighty, and your faithfulness surrounds you.


When you read the Psalms for very long, you will find that the author, King David, had three basic categories of discussion. First, his continual Thanksgiving and Gratefulness to God for everything the Lord had done for him. Second, David is regularly writing about his Enemies and asking God to deliver HIM or annihilate THEM. And third, David is awestruck by the Greatness of Our God. In this passage, King David again Acknowledges the GREATNESS of Jehovah! And then he says “Your Faithfulness surrounds You!”


It’s no wonder really, that David was so victorious over such a long period of time. He had his eyes and attention and loyalty so FIXED on The Almighty, that it was hard for David to linger on the strength of his enemies too long. There was a deep confidence and dependence on the fact that no matter how difficult the obstacle, God would remove it, or help David remove it. I suppose the question this AM is, what are we focusing our attention and concern on? If my obstacle becomes my object of continual attention, worry, concern, and lack of sleep over, then for sure that obstacle will in time find victory over me! On the other hand, if I set my focus and my attention on The Almighty, the obstacle in my life is diminished! Together, we would be wise this AM to set our focus on … “The Greatness Of Our God!”


Dear Jesus,

You are TOO Great for me to interject some small obstacle in my path in order to suggest You are now facing a worthy opponent. I realize this AM that NOTHING can withstand Your Greatness! Amen

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