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Psalm 49:20

People who have wealth but lack understanding are like the beasts that perish.


King David said, “People who are rich but not smart are no better off than a dead animal who once ran in the wild. I can’t ever remember reading of, or hearing of, a beast in any untamed wilderness anywhere being reported on. Surely there are wild beasts, some of whom are massive and powerful and wreak terror in people’s hearts, who come in contact with them. But, who cares? They die, no one knows, and no one cares. That’s the SAME category that a wealthy UN-SMART person is in, via heaven’s opinion.


Understanding is more than just knowledge. It also has a whole lotta wisdom thrown in with it. So often, King David’s son, King Solomon, said in his Proverbs, “Whatever you do, get WISDOM!” How many people of real financial gain have you met or heard in your life that you thought, “That person is as dumb as a box of rocks?” Money can do crazy things to people. I’ve witnessed wealthy entertainers and athletes go on a talk show because of their profession. Before you know it they leave what they’re good at and take the discussion down some rabbit trail on Politics or their pet “Social Project.” The more you listen to them, the more you think, “You guessed it, same song second verse!” David said a wealthy person with no wisdom is like a dead beast in the woods. No one knows, no one cares, no one remembers! But the wealthy, the middle income, and even the poor person who has UNDERSTANDING, will leave a positive mark when they’re gone. Whatever you do … “Get Understanding!”


Dear Jesus,

This AM, I am thinking that I’m never too old to get a new idea. I’m never too old to think a new thought. And most of all, I’m not too old to … “Get Understanding!” Help me in my quest today. Amen

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