God Is Always A Majority

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Numbers 31:49b

Your servants have counted the soldiers under our command, and not one is missing.


In the first verse of this chapter, the Lord spoke to Moses and said, “I want you to send SOME men of Israel’s army up to the Midianites and destroy them.” This was God’s vengeance on Midian for things they had perpetrated against God’s people. Moses obeyed, and when it was over the military leaders of Israel reported that not one of their soldiers had been killed.


What’s interesting about this story are the sheer NUMBERS! The Bible says that the Israelites only sent one thousand men from each of the twelve tribes to fight the Midianites. That totaled an army of 12,000 soldiers. But listen to the spoils of victory that the Israeli army brought back. 675,000 sheep, 72,000 cattle, 61,000 donkeys, 420 lbs. of gold, and this sounds a little strange but 32,000 Midianite women who had never slept with a man!! The Bible says the Israelis killed every male in Midian, including their 5 Kings, and all of the women who were married. That means their fighting army could have numbered anywhere from 25-50,000 fighting men. Israel destroyed them all, and not a single Israeli soldier died!!! That tells you one thing for sure … “God Is Always A Majority!” Whatever challenge you are faced with today … your God’s got you! When the dust settles you will still be standing tall.


Dear Jesus,

As I read this story this AM, I realized just how small the trouble is I’m facing. Thanks for helping me gain YOUR perspective! You are my MAJORITY! Amen

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