Widows And Fatherless

S. O. A. P.

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Exodus 22:22

Do not take advantage of the widow or the fatherless.


Moses gave the Lord’s directive to the people of Israel that by law, they were to take care of the “Widows And Fatherless.” He went on to discuss the penalty for those who failed to keep the Lord’s command. It included the potential of death if this law was unheeded.


In the context in which this law was originally written, women received neither higher education, nor were they expected to earn a living outside their house. A woman’s insurance policy was her husband. If her husband died, and she became a widow at any age, her financial position became suspect almost immediately. Of course, there isn’t much explanation for a child who had no father, because he or she was in the same predicament as the mother except that there were more mouths to feed. So the Israelis were commanded by God to be a covering for “Widows And Fatherless” financially. But in case you may think this was only in the Old Testament, please remember that James, the brother of our Lord, writes that religion in its purest form is that we take care of the “Widows And Orphans” (James 1:27, para). Never forget it, “Widows And Fatherless” are our responsibility.


Dear Jesus,

With Your help I will meet the responsibility You have called me to. Amen


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