What Sin Does To Me

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Psalm 38:18

I confess my iniquity; I am troubled by my sin.


King David, who had no equal while he lived, ruled, and reigned, speaks here in this short passage on the subject of “What Sin Does To Me.” He simply stated that the only thing he could do with sin was to confess his sin. Then he added a very insightful line. He said, “I’m troubled by my sin.”


The only good thing that can come from my sin is to be troubled by it. When I am troubled by my sin, there’s still hope for me. When I’m troubled by sin, it’s hard to sleep at night. It’s hard to go about business as usual. If a person has a real heart for God, it’s all but impossible to live with that sin without doing something about it. In my own life, the times I’ve sinned, I’m troubled. I’m miserable. I have to confess it and can’t keep on going about my daily routine because I’m messed up before my Maker. He sees me. He wants me to come out of the shadows and talk to Him, and until I do, I’m just troubled. That’s why I do what David did. I just confess it. That’s “What Sin Does To Me.”


Dear Jesus,

Help me today to walk away from sin towards You. I want nothing to do with sin and everything to do with You! Amen

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