What Compels You?

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Acts 20:22
And now, compelled by the Spirit, I am going to Jerusalem, not knowing what will happen to me there.


Paul said in the next verse that the one thing he did know was that he would suffer and be imprisoned along the way to Jerusalem. But he also said that he was COMPELLED BY THE SPIRIT TO GO TO JERUSALEM. The question at hand is, “What Compels You?”


St Paul was a unique human being. He had reached somewhat of a high echelon of education so that as a young man in the Jewish Rabbinical system, he had few equals. We know that after his salvation and writing half the New Testament, he was a single man. However, many believe that before his salvation, he was married, his wife got sick, and that he tarried in Tarsus until she passed away, and then he set out. Either way, Saul, who became Paul after his salvation experience, moved at the Savior’s beck and call. Here, he says the Holy Spirit had compelled him to go to Jerusalem. Oh, that you and I could be so immersed in our Savior’s call that we could always say, I am compelled by the Holy Spirit!


Dear Jesus,
I want to hear your voice today so that what I do would be a result of the fact that you had COMPELLED ME TO DO IT! Amen

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