Victory Follows Obedience

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Matthew 21:6

The disciples went and did as Jesus had instructed them.


Before Jesus’ grand entry into Jerusalem to begin the “Passion Week,” He instructed His disciples to go to the village ahead of them, untie a donkey, and bring it to Him. Jesus said, “If anyone asks you what are you doing, tell them ‘The Lord has need of him.’” They obeyed the Lord. Sure enough, there was a donkey tied up. They brought him to the Lord and Jesus made His triumphant entry into Jerusalem on a borrowed donkey.


All this was accomplished through the obedience of Jesus’ disciples. Only Jesus knew there was a donkey in the town ahead. The disciples didn’t know that. It was a risk for them to obey. Jesus wasn’t going with them. If the donkey was there, it would look like theft. If anyone asked them (and they did – Luke 19:33) they had to believe that when they answered, “The Lord needs him” the owner would say “Fine.” So with total faith in Jesus, the disciples obeyed the Lord. And sure enough, just like Jesus said, it ALL happened! The truth of this short story and vs. 6 is that … “Victory Follows Obedience.” When you obey the law, you live at peace. That’s Victory! When you obey your parents, there’s an inheritance of some kind. That’s Victory!” When you obey the Lord, you will have a Great Life here on earth and Eternal Life in Heaven. That’s Victory! “Victory Follows Obedience.”


Dear Jesus,

I’m thankful for another day to choose Your Will and Way for my life. So I’m committing to obeying You, in hopes of Victory! Amen

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