Truth Telling

S. O. A. P.

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Galatians 4:16

Have I now become your enemy by telling you the truth?


The Apostle Paul had been reprimanding the Galatian church for depending on their old laws and customs as a way to God. The Apostle used his words to really call their bluff, so to speak, to the point that they were in jeopardy of being offended and becoming bitter. He then asked them if real “Truth Telling” would cause them to love him, or cause him to become their enemy?


Most people say, “Tell me the truth, but be careful how you give it to me.” Others are of the opinion that they are adults and they don’t feel like anything about them is anyone else’s business. In this case, however, a true prophet of God had been sent by God to wake the church up. Paul’s own people, the Israelites, had been notorious for stoning the prophets of God and killing those God had sent to tell them the truth. Where does that leave us today? When the truth is coming our way, no matter “How” it’s coming or “Who’s” bringing it … we would be wise to encourage “Truth Telling.”  We would be wiser still to embrace it as being sent to us from God.


Dear Jesus,

May I always remember that real “Truth Telling,” is always from You. Help me to always embrace the truth even when it’s directed at ME! I never want to stone Your prophets. Amen

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