The Only Words You Really Need To Know

S. O. A. P.

Here’s Your 90 second AM Devotional!


Acts 22:10a

“What shall I do, Lord?” I asked.


St. Paul was trying to get to Rome because that had always been his goal. Rome is where he would spend his final days and be martyred for Christ in the process. However, the journey there toward the end of his ministry was brutal. In this passage, he had been taken prisoner again, based on some weird, trumped-up charges. Before they could make it stick, he asked if he could give a defense. When they agreed, he told the people and authorities how he had come to faith in Christ. When he got to the part where he was knocked off his feet by a bright light on the road to Damascus, he explained that he didn’t know what to do and was temporarily blinded by the light. When Jesus spoke to him from heaven and told him who He was, Paul answered by saying, “What Shall I Do Lord?


Just so you know, Paul was given a pass by these people and sent to Rome. But, in the process, he gave us his continual secret of success as a man of God. While lying in the dirt, temporarily blinded by the light from heaven and in a complete state of shock, he uttered, “The Only Words You’ll Ever Need To Know!” Seriously, if you learn to say this line on a regular basis, you’ll be fine. You can be highly intelligent with many degrees, or lacking for education at all, but remember these words: “What Shall I Do Lord?” That’s the line St. Paul learned when he first came to Christ, and he became the greatest church missionary, church planter, and New Testament author the world has ever known.


Dear Jesus,

I am so happy that I learned the only words I really need to know as a young man. Whenever I’ve faced an unanswered question or crisis, I’ve always said, “What Shall I Do Lord?” You’ve always answered. Thank You. Amen


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