The Lord Reigns

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Psalm 97:1

The Lord reigns, let the earth be glad; let the distant shores rejoice.


As the sovereign leader of Israel, King David declared that the Lord reigned over all the earth. Because of that, he said the earth naturally rejoices, and those nations far away should also rejoice.


This is the view of an idealist. It is also my view. Why? Because if the Lord truly reigns and everyone on the planet were a follower of Jesus, indeed, love would rule. When love rules our every decision, then nations far away from our shores are also happy and loving one another. The problem arises when men and women decide to go their own way. When that happens, and it does every day, instead of people rejoicing, they begin to groan in pain as a result of selfish choices. David had that very thing happening in his day. There was always trouble around David. They were always at war with those who did not believe in David’s declaration, “The Lord Reigns.” Today I will choose, like David, to say it again, “The Lord Reigns.” Even in the darkest days of this nation and this planet, I cannot but say, “The Lord Reigns.”


Dear Jesus,

In faith, believing, I declare this AM that “The Lord Reigns.” Let the earth rejoice, and I believe that soon the good news will so sweep the globe that the nations far away will also begin to rejoice and say, “The Lord Reigns.” Amen

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