If The Lord Helps Us

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Psalm 101:4

The perverse of heart shall be far from me; I will have nothing to do with what is evil.


This was a bold statement by King David of Israel. Here was a man who had sinned greatly and had repented of that sin emphatically. Now, he stated that the perverse in heart would not come anywhere near him and that he would have nothing to do with evil from that point on in his life. It’s one thing to declare a thing; it’s another thing entirely to live out that declaration to the fullest extent.


I’m pretty sure this AM, after reading this Psalm, you’d probably say along with me, “If The Lord Helps Us.” That’s really the best I can say. When my parents were in their prime, they would have said, “If the Lord wills it.” In other words, all of us have made promises to God that we wanted to keep and yet ended up breaking that promise. I’m grateful today for Jesus. That because of His Grace, I’m able to move past all my failures into glorious victory in Him. If He helps me, then it is possible that I can keep evil from overpowering my faith. But in no way can any of us make a blanket statement of what we will or won’t do unless the Lord helps us. I love King David, and I know (based upon my study of his life) his great desire to please God and stay far away from the evil one. I believe that it can happen, “If The Lord Helps Us.”


Dear Jesus,

I ask today that You would help me stay far removed from evil and from people who would like to pervert the truth. It is my desire to stay as close to You as I can. I need Your help. Amen

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