The Faulty Bow

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Hosea 7:16

They do not turn to the Most High; they are like a faulty bow. Their leaders will fall by the sword because of their insolent words. For this they will be ridiculed in the land of Egypt.


The people of Israel had turned their backs on the Lord. It had been a long time of spiritual insurrection. Their priests were wicked, and the young people of the land were impressed with the gods of Egypt. Their historic service to God was so stretched to include every other god imaginable that they had become in their worship like “The Faulty Bow.”


Here was a nation that had turned their backs on the living God of all the ages. The God of Israel, our God, had in times past met Israel’s every need. To the astonishment of other nearby nations, God Almighty had provided miracle after miracle for Israel, yet they were not grateful. Instead, they were drawn to foreign gods. They were like the wife whose husband has provided for her over and over and has covered his family with everything they need, but even still she wants the man next door. Israel had stretched her worship of other gods in so many directions of religious worship that the nation was like “The Faulty Bow,” which becomes so stretched that it can no longer, with elasticity, deliver the arrow to its intended destination. Consequently, the arrow flutters through the air, inevitably missing the mark. My friend, this AM, you and I must determine that our worship will never be like “The Faulty Bow,” but with a spiritual vengeance we will thrust all of our worship upon the King of Kings.


Dear Jesus,

I feel like the great King David this AM when he said, “Whom have I in heaven besides You, and earth has nothing I desire besides you!” I mean it today, my King! You are my all in all. Amen

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Rose MIller
Rose MIller
6 months ago

My life, my hope, my joy, my peace, my strength, my breath, my everything Hallelujah. Thank you Lord for wanting us and providing for us everything that pertained to Life and Godliness 2Peter 1:1-8 All praise and Glory to God, Thank you Jesus Christ our Lord King and Savior. Holy Spirit take control rest, rule, and abide to please the Father today and the rest of the days of our lives to bring you pleasures.

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