The Church: OUR REFUGE

S. O. A. P

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Isaiah 14:32b

The Lord has established ZION, and in her his afflicted people will find refuge.


The Old Testament Zion was the “City of Jerusalem” or the “City of King David.” The prophet Isaiah tells us that God’s afflicted people will find refuge there. In New Testament times theologians have likened Zion to “The Church.”


It is no secret that for years now, throughout the Western World, people have been running away from “The Church” in droves. While in other places in the world “The Church” has experienced burgeoning growth. Oddly enough the growing places for “The Church” are found in the most AFFLICTED regions of the world. Oppressive governments, desperately poor environments, and locations where medicines and basic life essentials are hard to come by. But could it be that we who are rich and increased with goods and feel as though we have need of nothing need to be awakened to the fact that we are the most AFFLICTED of all Gods people. And that instead of running away from “The Church” in desperation we should run back to “The Church: OUR REFUGE.”


Dear Jesus,

I thank You that You have made a people, “The Church,” where I can be accepted. In my times of AFFLICTION, I can run to Your people, my people, and there I can find Refuge. Amen

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